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The C.O.S.T Blueprint for Construction Project Management

A Simplified Guide to Understanding Construction Project Management Principles

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The construction industry is booming, but many companies are failing to profit from this growth.

The C.O.S.T Blueprint for Construction Project Management will help you understand the fundamentals of construction project management, so that you can make better decisions when managing your projects and people in the field.

We created the COST Blueprint as an easy way for new project leaders AND experienced one's to learn how to manage their projects effectively without spending years studying expensive textbooks or taking classes at local colleges. Our guide breaks down complicated principles into simple steps so you can start profiting on your projects!

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Why "Construced COST Blueprint for Construction Management"?

To target understanding of Controlled Output of Scope and Time (COST). In this E-book you'll begin to understand COST if you're new to the construction industry. And you'll be able to reinforce your understanding of COST if you've been in the industry awhile.

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