Construction Management and Five Powerful Skills to Master

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5 Skills For Construction Managers

Skills of Construction Management

In construction management, behind every successful project is an excellent construction manager. In construction management, the main decisions are made by the construction project manager. They are perhaps the most important person involved in the project. They act as the driving force by keeping every part of the project on track. They’re also the person that relays the progress of the project back to the owners and key stakeholders.

With the challenges of construction, it can be easy to make mistakes in the construction management role. There are so many different aspects of a project that managing them all, without errors, becomes tricky. That’s where this article might be able to provide some useful advice. Since construction management is such a complex field that covers a wide variety of industries, there are a variety of different skills that construction management needs to learn. However, there are a few skills that are crucial for all construction project managers to master.

1.       Good Communication

This skill is perhaps the most important on our list. If a project manager is not able to efficiently communicate with their team, the project is likely going to face a ton of impacts and setbacks. A project manager is a team leader; therefore, their primary job is to ensure that the team is working cohesively.

communication skills

Good communication can help the project manager give out instructions accurately and learn how to guide the team members better. If a member produces work that is substandard, it’s important to be considerate but firm with them. On the flip side, complimenting good work can help your team members feel more appreciated. Remember that being able to connect to every member of their team is the sign of a good team leader. This also helps to keep the morale of the team high, which is essential for any project.

2.       Strategic Negotiation In Construction Project Management

Negotiation Skills of Construction Management

Clients are usually not very knowledgeable about the various intricate details of the project, which might cause them to have a few unrealistic expectations about the budget or when to set the deadline. In that case, it’s the duty of a project manager to clear any doubts and work out a compromise that aligns with the company’s interests. Negotiation skills can also help you manage your team more effectively. Some areas that negotiation skills can help are:

  • Change Order Meetings
  • Contract Negotiation Meetings
  • Design Meetings

3.       Knowledge of a Wide Variety of Construction Management Software.

Although this might not seem like a crucial skill to have for a construction manager, learning how to properly use common software can save you a ton of trouble in the future. Different companies are going to have their own preferences when it comes to the kind of software that they use.

. Construction Project Management Software

If you’re not well-versed with the right software, you’ll probably have to waste some time getting up to date with everything. When you begin a project, you want to spend as much time as you can organizing everything, and trying to familiarize yourself with new software can hinder your progress. That’s why this is a crucial skill for project managers to have.

4.       The Ability to Absorb Feedback.

It can be easy for project managers to believe that they know what is best for the overall outcome of the project. While this may be true in many scenarios, project managers can also occasionally slip up and make a mistake or two. That’s why it is essential to encourage your team members to give you feedback. This will also help you to develop your team management skills better. Helpful criticism is one of the best ways to grow, which is why this skill earns its spot on our list.

Absorb Feedback in Construction Management

5.       Learn how to Delegate Tasks Properly.

Every person is different in their own way. Some people might prefer doing long, monotonous, and repetitive tasks while others would be eager to participate in as many different jobs as they can. While it can become easy for you as a project manager to rely on a few people for the bulk of the work, this might backfire. Learning what strengths all the members of the team have can help you to spread out the tasks properly. This way, everyone gets to work on the things that they are most passionate about; and naturally, a team that loves their work is going to be able to work better.

Delegating Tasks

Remember how we said, construction management software is key to learn? Well, we still believe that its beneficial for construction management to continuously develop their skills, but not everyone is technologically savvy. With this in mind, there are still technical tasks involving computers or software that would be essential to delegate. So, if you want your team to work well, try to learn as much as possible about their passions and preferences and most important, their skills.

We hope this list has prompted you to continue advancing your construction project management skills further. Keep in mind that a domain like construction management is way too complex to summarize in a single article. Every person has their own method that they develop through years of experience. Skills will help you to avoid a few common mistakes that many ill-prepared construction project managers tend to make. Try to treat each project as a learning experience. Every project has its own set of challenges and no two are identical. Ultimately, you must remember that a bad project manager is someone who is not willing to learn more with the world growing around them. 

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