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Who Is Construced?

Our team of professionals exists to enhance and reinforce the knowledge of construction industry professionals and leaders through our online courses. We believe that education is a key component of the successful management of projects. There is no shortage of amazing opportunities, but the lack of skilled professionals is a problem in the construction industry. Consultants, vendors, contractors, project managers, engineers, and so on, all have the potential to impact the “bottom line”. Education is what separates those who just plod along from those that rise to the top and succeed in profitability. To be a key player in this rapidly expanding field, you need knowledge, training, and continuous improvement. At Construced, we are committed to your value, by training industry leaders and help you to remain relevant in the ever-changing industry of construction.

“Our corporate social responsibility is to ensure we contribute to sustaining the knowledge of leaders in the construction industy."

Construced CEO

In the construction industry, you know how important it is to use the right tool for each job. Education is one of those tools you need to move up and be successful in this high-powered business. Our corporate social responsibility consists of the production of relevant and practical online construction courses coupled with our blog, “The Perspective”, which intends to reach our community of construction industry professionals. Construction industry professionals also have a social responsibility to contribute their best to one of the major market sectors.

Why We Exist

Our Story

Our team of professionals, like many others in the construction industry, started with little knowledge. Despite college degrees or on-the-job training, there was a common missing component that could have shaped us differently, enabling higher achievements sooner, and ultimately enhancing success on the projects we impacted.

Taking action into our own hands, throughout our careers, we piecemealed our education, making it a costly experience, but still worthwhile. Self-development has been proven to be of value, even when you’ve been in the industry for many years. You’re never finished learning!

Our stories, journey, and experience in the industry, cultivated excitement and passion to engage individuals related to, and impacting the construction industry. Our team will exist to be missional in providing that missing component, encouraging individuals to “do better” through practical continued education with Construced.

What We Do

Our Mission

To raise awareness of the importance and the need for continued education.

To address the lack of training and knowledge

To encourage industry professionals to strive to be better at what they do

Who We Support

Our Audience

Our online courses and blog, “The Perspective”, are intended to meet the educational needs of all professionals, from the college graduate to the executive. To know who you are, outlined below are just a few specifics.

College Graduates Aspiring to be Construction Leaders
Entry Level Professionals: Architects, Design Engineers, Project Administrators, Project Coordinators, Purchasing Assistants, Entry Project Engineers, Entry Estimators etc.
Construction Leaders: Trade and Field Professionals, Seasoned Project Engineers, Vendors, Construction Managers, Purchasing Managers, Seasoned Estimators, Project Managers, Project Executives, etc.
Executives Leading Organizations: Operations Managers, CEO’s, etc.

We invite our audience to join the community by enrolling in our courses!

We value your success. “Learn, grow, be unstoppable!” – Construced CEO

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